You clicked the “Follow Jesus” link! If you are already a follower of Jesus, Far Out! If you are not a follower of Jesus but want to find out why Jesus is so groovy then let me try to explain the unexplainable. Jesus is the secret to life. He is the one that will fill the empty space you have that nothing else will.

  • He created you and knows you better than you know yourself. He wants to lead you and give you direction in this life. He has had a plan for you all along, stop trying to make your own path and start following the path that was created just for you. Dig it?
  • Jesus has the power to forgive all your sins and wipe them away. No matter what you have done in this life Jesus will forgive you if you ask from your heart. Think of the worst thing imaginable and you might say no one would forgive that, WRONG! Jesus will, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. When you give your life to Jesus you are a new creation and your old life is gone. Word to Jesus!
  • When you are a follower of Jesus you never die, this life on earth is just the 1st page of your story. When you die you are with Jesus in paradise. That sounds super weird but super weird in the coolest way possible. Wow man!

How do you get Jesus to wipe away all your sins, be Lord over your life and guide you through it all? First Repent of your sins…  Whoa, that's a weird word, what's REPENT of your sins??? Repenting of your sins is being sorry enough to stop sinning. God tells us not to steal, stealing is a sin. If you normally take things that don't belong to you then repent of that sin by NOT taking things that don't belong to you anymore. Then just be real and talk to Jesus, ask Him to forgive all your sins and to take over and be the leader of your life. Thank Him for dying for you and rising again 3 days later.  It's that easy.

Pray something like this:


You are Awesome. Thank you for dying for me and rising again 3 days later. I need you in my life, I need you to take over and be in control of my life. Please forgive me of all the sins I have committed and people I’ve hurt. Please clean me up from the inside and show me the way.

Thank you Jesus

Groovy! If you just asked Jesus into your life you now have a relationship with the creator of the universe! If you didn't that's OK too because you are here and He is pursuing you and that is far out and super heavy.

When you follow Jesus you are in for a wild ride. Talk to Jesus multiple times a day and ask Him to guide you, nothing is off limits when you talk to Jesus. Find a good local church so you can build relationships with other far out groovy believers. Also keep your focus on Jesus by reading all the groovy stories in the 66 book library called the BibleIf I can help along your journey send me an Email:

Your friend in Jesus,