Guard your Gates!

Are you guarding your eye gate and your ear gate?

What is your eye gate and your ear gate??? It’s just your eyes and your ears and what you let in them.

As you know we are bombarded by images, text and speech all day long and a lot of it is no good. Most of the news we get is negative brought to us by angry people telling us how angry we should be and the same goes for Television and the Movies. There is just a lot of dark unhealthy media we should not be watching or listening to.

I know I sound really lame but I’m telling you the truth, whatever you let in your eyes and ears can stay with you forever.

The wise book of proverbs says for us to “Guard our hearts because everything we do flows from it.” Whatever you fill yourself up with is going to come bubbling up through your mouth or actions. Fill yourself up with violence and angry talk, your going to be an angry person, fill yourself up with Jesus, goodness and hope, Awesome I want to hang out with that dude.

Here’s an example of how to guard your gates: Friend calls you and says hey, what do you say we watch the movie “The Human Centipede”…. Your answer, no thanks friend, I don’t think it’s a good idea to let that pass the old eye gate. How about we go to the coffee house and listen to some good jazz with friends? Your friend says great idea meet you there….

Fill yourself with light, not darkness, what we fill ourselves with, becomes who we are.

That’s all I got today, make sure to guard your gates, be groovy to everyone you meet and remember there is always hope with Jesus!

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